About presolve_eps

s.t. RELATIONSHIP_XF_large_cav {k in large_cav, i in IPmnt}:

xf[k,i] = x[k,i] + large_cav_f2p * cos(theta[k,i]);

s.t. RELATIONSHIP_YF_large_cav {k in Middle_cav, i in IPmnt}:

yf[k,i] = y[k,i] + large_cav_f2p * sin(theta[k,i]);

s.t. RELATIONSHIP_XM_large_cav {k in large_cav, i in IPmnt}:

xm[k,i] = x[k,i] + * cos(theta[k,i]);

s.t. RELATIONSHIP_YM_large_cav {k in Middle_cav, i in IPmnt}:

ym[k,i] = y[k,i] + large_cav_m2p * sin(theta[k,i]);

s.t. RELATIONSHIP_XR_large_cav {k in large_cav, i in IPmnt}:

xr[k,i] = x[k,i] + large_cav_r2p * cos(theta[k,i]);

s.t. RELATIONSHIP_YR_large_cav {k in large_cav, i in IPmnt}:

yr[k,i] = y[k,i] + large_cav_r2p * sin(theta[k,i]);




This is actually run in the matlab environment
I have followed the prompts, but why does this problem still occur?
Is there something wrong with my nlp model? Because I found that only the constraint of the Y label was problematic, and the x label was not. But I don’t think that’s possible, because they all use the same set

1 constraint RELATIONSHIP_YM_large_cav[17,1]:
I found a question, does 17 represent the element in the set large_cav? I found that there is no element 17 in large_cav and Middle_cav, and even the elements in the above picture are not elements in large_cav and Middle_cav

ok ,thanks I’ve solved the problem