All-New Gurobi 10 Driver for AMPL

We have an All-New Gurobi 10 driver for AMPL!

You may have seen Gurobi recently announce their Gurobi 10 version, and we are right along with their exciting progress with our updated driver. The Gurobi highlights include: New network simplex algorithm, significant performance gains on MIPs, and much more!

We are also announcing that our enhanced gurobi driver (previously know as x-gurobi) is now the default gurobi driver. The new driver provides significantly extended modeling support for logical and nonlinear operators natively through Gurobi’s built-in “general constraints” and through linearizations performed by the MP interface.

Modeling languages aim to let you describe optimization models to a computer in much the same way that you describe models to other people. Our newly extended C++ interface library MP brings AMPL closer to this goal, by allowing expanded use of a variety of convenient operators in objectives and constraints. Notable examples include:

Conditional: if-then-else; ==>, <==, <==>
Logical: or, and, not; exists, forall
Piecewise-linear: abs; min, max; <<breakpoints;slopes>>
Counting: count; atmost, atleast, exactly; numberof
Comparison: >, <, !=; alldiff

The new interface also helps solvers to accept nonlinear operators (*, /, ^) in a broader variety of circumstances. Thus AMPL’s full range of operators can be used together without recourse to auxiliary variables and constraints.

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