[AMPL 24424] Notation in script

Hello Sir,

I am trying to write the following equation

in AMPL with image.png,image.png , image.png, image.png, and image.png
are declared as parameters and image.pngis a variable. I wrote it as follows:

subject to uncert_deg_Lowerbound{y in YY}: Mu_wt_L[y]*sum{t in TT}(Omega_wt_star[y,t]) <= sum{t in TT}(Omega_wt[y,t]);
subject to uncert_deg_Upperbound{y in YY} : sum{t in TT}(Omega_wt[y,t]) <= Mu_wt_U[y]*sum{t in TT}(Omega_wt_star[y,t]);
subject to boundary{y in YY, t in TT}: Omega_wt_L[y,t] <= Omega_wt[y,t] <= Omega_wt_U[y,t];

I am wondering if I wrote it correctly!! Can you please correct me if I failed to write it well?


That looks OK, as long as the denominator of the fraction is always positive.