[AMPL 24580] generate a pool with several solutions (not optimal)


I’m trying to generate a pool with optimal solutions. However, after executing my model for 8 hours, I didn’t find an optimal solution.
The solution I found was: absmipgap = 0.036, relmipgap = 0.6

Therefore, I decided to generate a pool of solutions that are the same or better than the one I found, using these options:

‘poolstub=allopt populate=2 populatelim=5 poolintensity=4 poolagap=0.005 poolreplace=1 timelimit=3600’

However, after executing 1 hour, it printed only 2 solutions that are identically the same.

So, which options do you recommend ? I gave up finding several optimal solutions, but some solutions that are more or less the same or better would work !

In addition, why did it print two solutions identically the same ?

Thanks in advance