[AMPL 24635] License's problem

when i was solving a problem with cyplex i received the demo message and the error message:
'ampl: include ‘/Users/laurachiomenti/prova1.run’;


Sorry, a demo license is limited to 500 variables and

500 constraints and objectives for linear problems.

You have 527 variables, 452 constraints, and 3 objectives.

Contact us at licensing@ampl.com or https://discuss.ampl.com/

for more information.

exit value 1


I have activated the 30 days trial license, so i don’t understand why ampl tells that.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Laura

Is the newly activated license in the same path of your ampl api environment ?

Kind regards

Pietro Silvestri

Hi Laura,

Could you please send your ampl.lic file to licensing@ampl.com? In https://portal.ampl.com/user/ampl/request/amplce/trial/new, does it show the amount of days left in your CPLEX trial?