[AMPL 24680] AMPL / Python - Performance & Memory issue

I’ve writen a simple model that optimize item location assignment for a warehouse of 30 000 locations.

My code works with 3 items and gurobi or cplex, but :

  • With CBC : Not working after 1 minutes even with only 3 items …
  • With Highs : Error -1 for call Highs_passH
  • With 3000 items and with Gurobi or Cplex : Unexpected end of file while reading AMPL output.

But it’s a so simple model, and data are not huge. Can you help me ?

May be also due to prev_loc, I want to add additional cost if we need to move so change location.
May be i need to initalize it

example.mod (32.6 KB)

This was answered in our new user forum at: https://discuss.ampl.com/t/performance-memory-issue/595