[AMPL 24855] Production/inventory problem syntax error


Im trying to solve a production/inventory problem and ive got syntax error

ampl: model ‘C:\AMPL\models\ej5.mod’;

C:\AMPL\models\ej5.mod, line 1 (offset 18):

syntax error

context: set Periodos := 1 >>> 2 <<< 3;


ej5.run (900 Bytes)

ej5.mod (1.18 KB)

In ej5.run, you correctly give the data for set Periodos:

set Periodos := 1 2 3;

But the error message indicates that the error is in your model file, ej5.mod. To fix it, change the first statement in your model file so that it does not specify the data:

set Periodos;