[AMPL 24881] Centre Problem with Robust Possibilistic Programming (Study Case Allocation Ambulance)

Hi, im trying to fix this output.

Gurobi 10.0.1: Gurobi 10.0.1: infeasible problem

0 simplex iterations

suffix dunbdd OUT;

But, I can’t find out how. Would you mind fix the model and the data for me? Thank you so much. If im missing something on my data, you can also use dummy data and let me know that.This is my model and my data:

P2.dat (337 Bytes)

P2.mod (1.32 KB)


Please run with option gurobi_options ‘outlev=1 iisfind=1’ to find an inconsistent set. See https://mp.ampl.com/features-guide.html#irreducible-inconsistent-subset-iis