Can not open the .run file

Hello, does ampl have requirements for the version of matlab? Why is there an error indicating that the .run file cannot be opened
The first diagram is the error diagram, the second is the location of the code and the main program, and the third is file


Look at the file-path bar at the top of the MATLAB window:


That tells you the current file folder. (In this example, it’s C:\Users\Robert\Desktop\Solvers\MODELS.) When you give a command like


then AMPL looks for the file in the current folder. A message like

can't open

most likely indicates that the file can’t be found, because it is not in the current folder. To fix this, use the “Current Folder” display (at the left in the above screenshot) to change the current folder to be the one that contains

i had change the current folder to be the one that contains
Did I put too many paths in there?



In your screenshot, the bar above the file listing shows that E:\code\new is the current folder:

To change the current folder, go to the file listing and double-click on the folder that you want to be current.

After you do this, you will see that the bar above the file listing has changed to indicate the new current folder that you double-clicked.