Error in cbc options

I have just downloaded latest Ampl bundle.
I tried to solve a lp using cbc as solver.
I modified cbc options : option cbc_options ‘outlev=2 ratioGap=0.1 allowableGap=0’;

But ratioGap and allowableGap did not seem to be taken into account.
The log was :

ampl: option cbc_options 'outlev=2 ratioGap=0.1 allowableGap=0';
ampl: solve;
cbc 2.10.7: tech:outlev=2
Welcome to the CBC MILP Solver
Version: 2.10.7
Build Date: Feb 27 2023

command line - Cbc_C_Interface -/ 0 -log 2 -solve -quit (default strategy 1)
No match for / - ? for list of commands
No match for 0 - ? for list of commands
logLevel was changed from 1 to 2

I think there is something wrong with the command line.

Hi Nico,

we are about to publish an update to cbc (20230713), can you try see whether it fixes it? It should be available by end of day today.

I confirm that the bug is solved with the new version of Cbc (20230713).

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