Finding AMPL Book Solution

Hi to everyone.
Where can I find the solution to the AMPL Book?
Thanks in advance.

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Chp 2,3,4,5, 15 are here. They are in an Excel file, but you can view the solution without enabling editing. It was setup for “SolverStudio”, which is why it’s in an Excel file.


There is an AMPL book Guide to Exercises that provides answers to the questions at the end of the book chapters. It is available to

  1. professors and instructors who are teaching courses or supervising projects, and
  2. people who are learning AMPL for projects or personal study outside of a university.

If you are in category (2), please provide us with more information about your personal status and about your projects and plans. Then we will be happy to send you the Guide. If you are a student at a university, then you cannot get the Guide to Exercises directly, but you can ask a professor or course instructor to request a copy for you.

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Sorry for the late reply.
I was hoping to receive answers to textbook for personal study only, I am currently working in data analytics business in the sea shipments industry. Recently I tried to tackle transshipment modeling problems and I hope to use the book as a guidance as well as practice opportunities.

That’s great! Separately, we will send you a direct message with some answer files attached.

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