Hooking solver to AMPL community edition

About my previous post Re: [AMPL 24720] How Hooking my Solver to AMPL ? – I want to clarify and request further help.

I am using the free (community) edition of AMPL for LINUX… (I downloaded and installed the latest edition yesterday).

I have an old version of MINOS (with source code), which I would like to hook to AMPL… I followed the instructions in David Gay’s manual Hooking your Solver to AMPL (Pages 1-3).

I compiled the source code, obtained a MINOS binary (executable), and replaced the MINOS executable in the AMPL directory.

Under AMPL, the model appears to run to completion… It says Optimal Solution found, it tells me the number of iterations it took to solve the instance, and it gives me the objective function value at optimality.

But then it refuses to output the solution, even though I have several “printf” and “display” statements after the “solve” statement to output the results… Instead, it says Solution obtained using an unauthorized or unknown solver.

How can I fix this issue?

Hi @Shuxue_Jiaoshou,

AMPL CE only accepts selected open-source solvers and commercial solver trials. It cannot be used with solvers not built and distributed by AMPL. To use AMPL with the version of MINOS that you compiled, you need to buy an AMPL license:

Okay, thanks for letting me know.

Sir,I need your help! Please look my post !!!