How to store output from "ampl.display(<>)" in a python variable

display feature in AMPL is very neat. Is it possible to store the value of the resolved expression in a python variable. For instance please see below command

x = ampl.display("sum {i in MONTHS, j in PRODUCTS} sell[i,j];")
shows below in python console
sum{i in MONTHS, j in PRODUCTS} sell[i,j] = 11588.6

can I store 11588.6 somehow in a python variable ? When the expression resolves, the type of x is None.


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Hi @Bhartendu_Awasthi,

You can use AMPL.get_value for that:

x = ampl.get_value("sum {i in MONTHS, j in PRODUCTS} sell[i,j]")

There is also AMPL.get_data for retrieving tabular expressions (e.g. solution = ampl.get_data("{p in PEOPLE, g in GIFTS: x[p, g] > 0} x[p, g]").to_pandas())

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Thank you very much @fdabrandao . Perhaps I need to look into AMPL python’s API documentation more.



No problem. Please fell free to ask any questions here, it helps us to notice what we may not be highlighting well in the documentation.

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