How to use Gurobi 11.0.0 by AMPL?

I have installed Gurobi10.0.3 and AMPL separately. After that I upgraded Gurobi to the latest version 11.0.0. But when I use AMPL to call the Gurobi solver, it still shows that the Gurobi version is 10.0.3. And when I use Gurobi alone to solve the problem, the version is 11.0.0.
Can you tell me how to call the latest 11.0.0 version of Gurobi using AMPL?
Thank you very much for your kind attention and support.

Be sure that you have downloaded a Gurobi package dated 20231208 or later from the AMPL Portal downloads page. Then copy the following files to your the location where you are storing your Gurobi files for AMPL:

  • Windows: gurobi.exe, gurobi110.dll
  • Linux: gurobi,
  • macOS: gurobi, libgurobi110.dylib

It is necessary to copy both of the listed files to completely install Gurobi version 11.

(If you want to save version 10 for comparison, then before installing the new version, rename your old gurobi executable to gurobi10.exe (for Windows) or gurobi10. Then you can access version 10 in AMPL with “option solver gurobi10;”.