Strange error (exit code) after repeat structure

Hi. I got a strange error while running my code:

<<< Process finished (PID=8984). (Exit code -1073741819)

My run code consists of 5 blocks:

  1. Calculate the initial reference point (includes only 1 solve)
  2. Assignment of initial factors (includes only 1 solve)
  3. Improvement of the relaxed problem (includes a “repeat structure”)
  4. Improvement of the integral problem (includes a “repeat structure”) and
  5. Final integral solution (includes an “if structure” which includes a “repeat structure”)

The error happens just after the third block. Curiously, when I excluded the repeat structure of the block 2, i.e., I comment the lines that include repeat and until, the error does not appear anymore, but when I modify the repeat condition in such a way that only an iteration is allowed the error continues appearing. Also, I used the code several times, and it works well, this time I added only two elements (of values 0 and (0,1)) to 2 sets and that happened.
I attach the code. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

plan_gd_ve.dat (53.4 KB)
plan_gd_ve.mod (27.4 KB) (12.0 KB)
plan_gd_ve(.inc).dat (15.4 KB)

Note: I put the .inc file as .dat since the system does not allow this kind of files.

I was able to reproduce the problem you were seeing, at least on my computer, and I have now have passed the problem to our development team to determine the cause.

As you have observed, the error disappears when even small simplifications are made. Thus it is necessary to work on the full example that you sent. This will slow down our analysis, but still we hope to have a fix or workaround for you soon.

Thanks, Robert. I would like to add that in the block 4, values from the results of the block 3 are assigned to some variables, and the error disappear when I take out that assignment. Thus, I put all the value assignments before to leave the repeat block to avoid the problem.

Hi Jonathan, Thanks for this additional information. Can you send the current model file, incorporating the changes you describe? Then we can tell exactly what the changes are.

Hi Robert,
For sure. I only changed the .run file, so I’ve attached that one.

Regards (12.2 KB)