[AMPL 24564] Options gurobi

I’m trying to show in a log file information that ‘outputlev’ generates, but finally it doesn’t show.

add a piece of code:

Your code is right. We tried it with a small test problem, and the attached file “log_timetable20230310 11.03.00.log” was produced. It contains a log of the entire AMPL session, including the Gurobi “outlev 1” output.

If you are looking at the log file while AMPL is running, however, then the output of the last command may not yet appear in the file. In particular, if your last command was “solve;” then you might not see any of the Gurobi output. Just execute one more command after “solve;” and then open the log file again, and you will see the Gurobi listing there.

(Attachment log_timetable20230310 11.03.00.log is missing)