[AMPL 24573] Gurobi options: problem with outlev option for AMPL

I am trying to use the “outlev=1” option and save all the generated information in a log file. But in the end I can’t generate that information. I am going to attach the 3 files corresponding to the model, data set and the instruction file (.run).

TSOP.mod (7.71 KB)

GPFS1.dat (2.6 KB)

TSOP.run (1.17 KB)

I ran the command “ampl TSOP.run” and got the attached log file. Also I tried “include TSOP.run;” at the AMPL command prompt, and got the same result, except that I had to press the “enter” key one more time at the end, to get all of the output to appear.

The log file does need to be left open until the AMPL session completes. Executing “close ‘log_timetable20230313 19.09.04.log’;” causes a new, empty log file to be started in place of the one that was written.

Are you rnning TSOP.run differently from how I describe? And can you attach the log file that you are seeing?

(Attachment log_timetable20230313 19.09.04.log is missing)