[AMPL 24621] information about branch and bound with Gurobi in AMPL

Where i find the information about branch and bound in AMPL with solver Gurobi. In particulare these informations are : maximum cardinality Clique, dual bound release continuous , number of nodes branch and bound,

number of simplex iterations Time total of execution

For an introduction to mixed-integer programming and branch-and-bound using Gurobi, see https://www.gurobi.com/resources/mixed-integer-programming-mip-a-primer-on-the-basics/. Concerning particular terms you mentioned, here are some definitions:

Maximum cardinality clique: See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clique_problem.

“dual bound release continuous”: It’s not clear what you mean by this.

Number of nodes: Number of subproblems in the branch-and-bound search tree that have been explored by Gurobi’s algorithm.

Number of simplex iterations: Total number of iterations of the simplex method that were needed to solve all subproblems in the search tree.

Total time of execution: Elapsed time for Gurobi’s entire run; the clock time when Gurobi finished, minus the clock time when Gurobi started.