[AMPL 24732] Problem with the baron and knitro solvers

When using the baron and Knitro solvers in ampl I get the following error: 1844676744072635810101

It does not allow me to run the code, especially with the baron solver, when I try to run it I get the following message:

A potentially catastrophic access violation just took place.
The search will be terminated by BARON after returning the best known solution
Please report this problem to Nick Sahinidis

I would like to identify the reason why I can’t use these solvers, where the problem is and how to solve it.

Large exit codes like this, following a “solve”, are associated with crashes in the solving process that cannot be handled gracefully. However, the specific code 18446744072635810101 does not provide any useful information about the cause.

So that we can investigate further, please run Knitro again but with the following option settings:

option solver knitro;
option knitro_options “outlev=2”;

(Or if you are already setting a knitro_options string, add outlev=2 to it.) Then copy the entire output from your run, and paste it into your reply. (Or if the output is very long, you can save it in a text file, and attach the file.) Then do the same with BARON:

option solver baron;
option baron_options “outlev=2”;

Also, if possible, attach the model and other files that you are using to make your AMPL run.