[AMPL Baron Solver help]

Hello, now I am using AMPL with Baron solver to handle my problem.

I use AMPL to perform the matheuristic. I created the data set named data A and tested it successfully. However, now i run that data again and I encounter this problem: ampl baron: could not create directory then the program breaks

I don not know what happen, I need help to understand and handle this error.

Thank everyone for reading this and help me. I am very appreciate.

You can get help with this error, by providing the following information:

  • Copy all lines of the error message, and paste them into your reply.
  • Attach your files to your reply, using the upload icon at the top of the Discourse editor window.

There are two errors I do not understand:

  • exit value 18446744072635809797
  • baron: could not create directory “C:\Users\CLARAN~1\AppData\Local\Temp\baron_tmp12976”.
    exit value 1

These errors can be understood as follows:

  • exit value 18446744072635809797 is a sign that the BARON process has crashed — that is, it has terminated in some abnormal way. However, this message does not provide any useful information about why the crash happened.

  • baron: could not create directory seems to indicate that BARON asked Windows to create the folder C:\Users\CLARAN~1\AppData\Local\Temp\baron_tmp12976, but Windows was not able to create it. However, we have not previously seen this message from BARON.

As you can see, more information would be needed to determine the cause of these errors. As a start, after the error occurs, you can execute the following two AMPL commands,

shell "baron -v";

and copy all of the lines of output from these commands into your reply.

Also, it will be very helpful if you can show the model and data, and the code that was executed before the error occurred. One way to do this is by uploading files that can be run to reproduce the error.