[AMPL 24485] AMPL / Baron Error


I am trying to solve a nonlinear problem with AMPL / Baron. I am using the regular format in AMPL with a mod, dat, and run file.When I choose “option solver Baron”, it gives me the following error:
Usage : Baron [-f] input(.bar)
Usage Contd. : The -f option prints the files
exit value 1

I could not understand the problem.
I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Thank you

AMPL is finding an executable file “Baron” (or “Baron.exe” for Windows), but it is a version of BARON that does not have an AMPL interface. As a result, you are seeing unexpected “Usage” error messages, and BARON is failing to run.

A common cause of this error is that you downloaded BARON from the BARON website. To get the version with the AMPL interface, you need to use the version of BARON that you get from your account at https://portal.ampl.com.

It is also possible that you downloaded more than one version of BARON, and your system search path is leading AMPL to the version that does not have the AMPL interface. A search for “Baron” (or “Baron.exe” in Windows) will determine whether you have multiple versions; if so, you can move or rename the one that you did not download from your AMPL account.