[AMPL 24733] Modeling multi objective mixed integer linear programming problem using ampl

Good evening all;
Pls is it possible to modeled multi_ Objective MILPP using ampl and implement some algorithm in ampl, algorithms like Differential evolution algorithm, genetic algorithm or particle swam algorithm
Nasir Abdullahi
Maths Department NDA kaduna, Nigeria

You can define more than one objective function in an AMPL model, by including multiple minimize and/or maximize statements. The Gurobi and CPLEX solvers can use multiple objective functions from an AMPL model to perform some kinds of multi-objective optimization.

However, we do not recommend implementing metaheuristic methods – like evolutionary and genetic algorithms or particle swam algorithms – in AMPL. Implementations of complex algorithms like these is best done in a general-purpose programming language.

It is possible to consider first implementing a metaheuristic solver in a general programming language, and then implementing an AMPL interface to that solver – using one of our AMPL-solver interface libraries. But have not seen any examples of this approach, probably because metaheuristics tend to be specialized to particular problem types, whereas AMPL is a general-purpose modeling language.