AMPL with 2D Excel table - Transportation problem


I´m currently studying Operational Research at Skoda Auto University in my second year. My task is to figure out how to use Excel for data input (two-dimensional table), APML (IDE) for writing model and then excel for showing the results.

I would like to describe it od transportation problem, where I have set of cities and the goal of the model is to find shortest way where every city will be visited exactly once with start and end of the route in the same city.

I have read the book and saw video “New AMPL Features in 2020” but I’m not 100 % sure how it all works.

Is there someone willing to explain data Excel data connection to me and help me with
the model or is there someone who dealt with similar problem and is willing to send me copy of his model so I can go through it and hopefully understand it?

Here is table I created with distance between cities:

See the examples on the AMPL Direct Spreadsheet Interface page. Your distance table is what’s called a two-dimensional table in those examples.