APOPT solver for non-linear optimization

How can I use APOPT solver in amplpy. I am using Windows and I am not able to execute it. Or are there any good non-linear solvers that takes .mod file format other than IPOPT solver?

Hi @Monish_Kumar,

The APOPT solver does not seem to work with binary NL files and does not have an executable. On Windows you can try the following (write the nl file, invoke the APOPT script, and load the solution):

write gmod;
shell "python C:/full/path/to/apopt.py mod.nl";
solution mod.sol;

For non-linear problems you can use the commercial solvers: Gurobi, Knitro, CONOPT, LOQO, MINOS, SNOPT, Baron, LGO, Lindo Global, Octeract. In terms of free solvers, there is also RAPOSa.

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Thanks, but can’t able to access RAPOsa