Can'f find 32 bits Windows C++ API


I want to test AMPL for software prototyping. My target is a Windows 32 bits DLL in whitch I want to use AMPL C++ API.
I’ve downloaded and successfully tested the 64 bits AMPL C++ API, but I can’t find the 32 bits version.
Can someone help me to find it (if it exists at all) ?

Thanks for any help.

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Hi @Christophe-S,

Thank you for reaching out. We are able to build 32-bit versions of the API, but we have stoped distributing it some time ago since many solvers have not been available for Windows 32-bit for many years. Which solver would you be using it with?

Hi @fdabrandao ,
Thank you for your answer. I’m planning to use the IPOPT solver.
I’ve downloaded a lagacy 32 bits build from 2021 on AMPL portal.

Hi @Christophe-S,

You can download the API for Windows 32-bit from (it is from 2022-01-17). The C++ API has not changed munch since then, so it should be enough for prototyping. Whenever it is time to deploy, we can compile the latest version of everything for Windows 32-bit.

Is this something to be deployed in an embedded system?

Thanks a lot @fdabrandao !
This is not to be deployed in an embedded system, it is to be used on a 32 bits Windows desktop system.