Error code (-11)

I am reaching out regarding an issue I encountered while using the CPLEX solver with AMPL. Upon running the solver, I received the following error message:

ERROR: Solver (asl) returned non-zero return code (-11)
ERROR: See the solver log above for diagnostic information.

I attempted to investigate further by checking the logfile, but it appears to be empty, providing no diagnostic information. As a result, I am unsure of the specific cause of the error and how to proceed with resolving it.

Could you please assist me in understanding the possible reasons for this error?

We have seen this form of error message only when modeling is being done with Pyomo rather than AMPL. Specifically, the message beginning ERROR: Solver (asl) returned ... occurs when Pyomo calls a solver that has an asl (AMPL-solver library) interface.

This particular return code (-11) is seen with various solvers. According to a comment at, it indicates a crash — specifically, a segmentation fault. But it does not give any indication of the reason for the crash.

Can you provide the following information, which may be useful in providing some help with the asl cplex solver?

  • Execute the command “cplex -v” from an operating-system prompt, and show all of the output that results.

  • Given any details you have about where you where/how you downloaded the cplex executable that you are using.