How to clear console on linux

Hi, I’m using ampl as student for my discrete programming course and I’m using linux. I’m using ./ampl in terminal like is described on installation guide page.

My problem is, I can’t clear teminal and from time to time I would like to do that. I tried ctrl+l or typing clear but it didn’t work. I also searched google and ampl manual for answer, but I couldn’t find it.

If anyone know how to clear console on linux, please tell me, I will appreciate it.

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Hi @Esnos,

To clear the screen you can invoke shell "clear"; in the AMPL prompt.

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Wow, it works, Thanks. Follow up question, do you know how to bind it to keybinding, or is it impossible?

It is not possible to configure new keybindings in the AMPL. There may be something specific to your terminal window that could allow automatically typing common commands, but in AMPL itself, there is no such functionality.

Ok, I understand, I will look around for terminal solution. Anyway, I want to thank you again and I will consider this post as closed.