AMPL freezes everytime i try to create a .mod or .dat file

Hi, I am having troubles to use AMPL IDE on my PC. Everytime i try to create a .mod or .dat file it freezes and I must restart it. The .mod or .dat file is indeed created but I can use it only after restarting AMPL. I share the log files if it helps, I beleive it might be generating trouble because I have also OPL studio (as I see in the log file)

log AMPL.txt (12.8 KB)

Thanks in advance

Hi @JM_slat,
It looks like the IDE got stuck after some interaction with Drive, the “Framework arguments:” field is not expected.
I’ll ask you to reset the IDE: open the IDE and in the toolbar go to the “Window” tab and select “Reset and Restart IDE”.
Afterwards I’ll ask you to create a new file and see what happens.

Thanks for answering, unfortunately I got the same problem, IDE freezes.

log AMPL2.txt (3.2 KB)

Hi @JM_slat ,
Thank you for the new .log file!
Unfortunately, no error is being reported.

I’ll ask you to do the following: create a temporary folder (say “temp”) in the Desktop and try to create .mod, .dat, .run and .txt files there. Please confirm if you have the same behavior for all files or only .mod and .dat.

Please confirm if you are using some particular antvirus software.

Also please confirm the version of the IDE: in the “Window” tab and select “Help” → “About”.

Thank you!

Thanks Nicolau, I created a folder as u said and I created files without a problem (.mod ,.dat etc.). It seems I can create files without trouble in any location but C:\Users\jslat. I opened AMPL with admin privileges but the problem remained. IDE current version is

Any other suggestion or guess regarding the issue?


Hi @JM_slat ,

I’ve been trying to reproduce the issue but without success.

It does not seem to be related with permissions, since it does not work as intended with admin privileges and the IDE will show an error messages if it does not have the required permissions to write to a given folder.

My guess is that the issue is derived from an antivirus or backup software, but it’s very hard to see what’s going on.

One quick workaround would be to create the files manually in a File Explorer and refresh the IDE view afterwards. The .mod and .dat files are simple text files so you would just need to change the file extension.

Thanks for answering, Maybe it is somethign related to OPL (Cplex) installed in the same C disc. I had problems installing AMPL in a directory outside C/Users. I might try to install it somewhere else and see what happens.