[AMPL 24492] Files not found error

I want to specify the mod file in the command pane, but it keeps reporting error can’t find file. How do I solve this?

Thanks in advance.
Leo Ma

You’re trying to open “ads.mod” which is in the folder “Stor 415”. But the current folder is C:\Users as shown just about the folder/file listing. AMPL looks for files in the current folder, so it’s not finding “ads.mod”. Here are some ways to fix this:

  • Double-click “Stor 415” in the file listing, to make it the current folder. Then your model and data statements will look in “Stor 415”, and in particular “model ads.mod;” will work.
  • Right-click “ads.mod” in the file listing, and select “Send To AMPL” from the contextual menu that pops up.
  • Select “ads.mod” in the file listing by clicking once on it, and then press Ctrl and R together.

Problem solved! Really appreciate it.

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