Intellisense in IDE

Inside AMP IDE there seems to be no support for any Intellisense / word completion nor there seems to be a list of keyboard shortcuts to quickly complete words like maximize or subject line as present in other IDEs. Please can you advise?


AMPL IDE currently does not support the features you mentioned. We will add them to our feature request list.

Some users gave very positive feedback of the unofficial AMPL extension for VSCode

Perhaps you could give it a try?

The procedure will be:

  • install VSCode in your machine.
  • click on the Manage symbol, go to extensions, search for AMPL and install the extension.
  • click on the Manage symbol, select Settings > extensions > ampl and specify the path to the AMPL executable, so that you can use AMPL in the VSCode terminal.

Auto-complete, bracket matching and other features will be available.

Hope this helps!
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Hi, yeah I am aware of VS Code and other code editors which I use it at times.
But unfortunately this IDE is the slowest/buggiest I have used so far in past 20 years of my development experience, even Notepad++ has better completion and Alt+ column selection than this.
But thanks for putting it on feature list, the sooner it is implemented, the quicker AMPL will be comparable to at least Atom/Notepad++ etc.

This can now be closed, but please put a reply here once any of the aforementioned features are implemented.


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