Invalid suscript in a parameter

Hi all,
I have the following parameter with data:

p_shift_d1_min [*,11dec,semana,almuerzo_semana,*]
:          '13:00' '14:00' '15:00'    :=
914453725      9       8       3

Nevertheless when I tried to (use from another parameter or display) it says is invalid subscript

Error executing "display" command:
	invalid subscript p_shift_d1_min['914453725','11dec','semana','almuerzo_semana','13:00'].

I am using amplpy.
Would you please let me know if I’m doing something wrong?


This error occurs when you give a value for p_shift_d1_min['914453725','11dec','semana','almuerzo_semana','13:00'] in your data, but ('914453725','11dec','semana','almuerzo_semana','13:00') is not a member of the index set for param p_shift_d1_min.

To get more help, post the param statement that defines p_shift_d1_min in your model, and also the data for the indexing sets that are used in that param statement.