Support Flatpak (and flathub) as a universal format for linux

Flatpak is a universal packaging format that can run on any Linux distribution. In case you are not willing to officially support flatpak, is it possible to redistribute it following copyright permissions on flathub?

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Hi @Marco,

Thanks for bringing this up. Could you please point us to some information on how to do this? From a quick look into flappak it seems to be more for GUI applications than CLI applications. Your idea is to have AMPL IDE in flatpak or also for command line and API access?

I was thinking more about AMPL IDE. A working flatpak prototype can be found on
Additional information:

Docs: Introduction to Flatpak — Flatpak documentation
Flathub (the store): Submission | Flathub Documentation

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Thanks! Considering that is is already downloading amplide.linux64.tgz from and looks like it is going to be updated automatically from that URL you have our permission to publish this.