Troubles installing kestrel

I’m trying to install kestrel in my desktop (which runs linux ubuntu), and I’ve unable to do it. To me more precise.

I’ve gone to

and then I click on the green bottom ‘code’ and downloaded the corresponding

Then, I have unzip it, which generates two folders (named ‘cmd’ (which just include a folder named ‘gokestrel’ which includes 5 files) and ‘commands’) apart from other 9 files.

But after that I have been unable to run kestrel. I have tried to move the gokestrel-master folder to the folder where the executable ampl file is, but when I try to run kestrel, a message stating that the file is not found appears. I have also tried to move the files inside the ‘gokestrel’ folder, and the files inside the ‘commands’ folder, but the same happens.

Last year, my students (and me) just had to go to

and they could download from there the kestrel files. Those compressed files contained just 7 files (no folders), then you put those files in the same directory where the executable ampl file is, and everything worked. Unfortunately, those links do not work anymore. And I have been unable to find any web page explaining, step by step, how to install kestrel from the file for the different operating systems.

Could you please tell me if there exist such a web page? Or alternatively, can you tell me what are my students (and me) supposed to do with that file in order to install kestrel?

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Hi @Jose,

The gokestrel packages are available for download inside the portal at: Login - AMPL Portal

Gokestrel is the replacement of the old kernel driver that was available in that location. It is written in Go and it is distributed as executable for the three main platforms.

It is also included in all demo and community edition bundles.

This is just what I needed. I don’t know why I have been unable to find it by myself. Thanks a lot.

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